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Conrad & Josh de la Torre



The Nursery Company (TNC) originated in 1992 on a small scale, growing trees mainly for Harris Farms operations. Slowly, TNC began selling trees to friends and neighbors throughout the area. As TNC grew to a larger scale, Russell Harris felt the need to bring on a full time manager to run the nursery operation. Conrad de la Torre, a long time friend, join TNC in 2003.

Conrad has been in the nursery business for over 38 years and understands all aspects of nursery propagation. Conrad’s brother, Raul, also with 45 years of nursery experience joined the organization and is charge of day to day operations. In 2009 Conrad’s son, Josh joined the company to help out with all phase of the operation and is our new sales representative. Conrad and Josh are committed to supplying the grower the highest QUALITY tree, the best SERVICE, and at the lowest PRICE.

This website has been designed to give you the basics on Almond and Walnut Varieties along with selecting the right rootstocks. In addition, we provide a comprehensive Planting Guide. TNC specializes in growing Almonds, Peaches and Walnuts and is always at your service.

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